Still In Indio!!

Hey guysssss! So I'm literally writing this from underneath a cabana in Indio California!!! 💁 I am so relaxed and happy today and I officially love work-cations (which is what I've officially dubbed this) because they are amazing. Hahah if you are unaware of what a work-cation is because you do not work in the digital community--- let me enlighten you. 



Deciding to do your random array of work in a vacation style setting. IE- reply to emails, tweets, Facebook comments, take instagram pictures, write a blog post, have calls with brands and brainstorm new ideas... All while floating on a pool toy. Hahahah 


So YA. Needless to say...I'm happy. Oh! You're probably wondering how Coachella went...I will be filling you all in very shorty because I took some pictures and made an epic video I'll be uploading this week where I'll get real about my experience here...😬 hahaha no but cliff notes version... It was amazing! 


Anyways, on to todays outfit! I bought this top when I was out with Primrosemakeup one day at Topshop! I loveeee it but I had a hard time figuring out what to wear with it... So this is what I did! Thoughts? Lol 


Anyways, leave a comment so I have something else "to do" on my work-cation! Hahaha love you all! See you here tomorrow:)

Your Basic White Girl.

HEY GUYS! HAPPY FRIDAY! Wellllll today is day 1 at Coachella for me! Yesterdays car ride down was epic to say the least….hahaha it took us almost 5 hours to get from LA to Indio but the other party of people who left LA HOURS after us got here BEFORE us! hahha I guess we took one too many potty breaks, played too many rounds of “spot the taco bell” and ate our Panera Bread too slowly… haha we had fun=) Anyways, I didn't go to sleep until 2 last night but now I’m up at 8am and can't sleep…. I think I’m going to regret this later but A- I wanted to write this post…B- I want to edit & C- I need to get in my morning booty call! hahaha Anyways, I’m going to vlog all weekend, so be on the lookout for that next week! (and I’m going to do a through my eyes if I can find a good song for it. hahaha) Anyways anyways… heres todays outfit! I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS TOP. IT MAKES ME HAPPY IN SO MANY WAYS. Its comfy, its pinker than pink, the Barbie logo SMELLS GOOD, and I’m obsessed with the back. I love me some comfy cute and I think this embodies comfy cute. LOL THANKS AMANDA for the amazing photos as usual! Well.. I don’t post on here over the weekend so I will see you guys on Monday! Wish me luck at Coachella this weekend!!! Ah! PS- I’ll be updating my snapchat all weekend LOVE YOU GUYS!

Off To Coachella!!

HELLOOOOO EVERYONE! Today has been exciting! I got up at 6:30 which is early for me, but Dan was at work at5:00 today... so its not as hard to get up in the morning when he’s gone cuz there is no one in bed to cuddle with! …See my new morning routine for details… HAHA Speaking of which, I uploaded a new video today if you didn’t know! It’s my “Spring Morning Routine!” yay! Anyways, I’ve been running around frantically all day and I cant believe the day is already almost half way over! Its time for me to turbo pack for coachella, rush to Carly’s and then take the trip out! I haven’t done a girls trip in forever and while I will most definitely miss Dan, I am pretty excited to have some girl time=) I’ll be staying with Carly and then also seeing Fleur, Tati and Becky this weekend as well! (check them out if you don’t know who they are.. they are all amazing!) So ya… theres not much to say about the outfit except Shayna helped me put this look together, I feel like a rockstar in it and ya… that is it. LOL All items will be linked below as usual! I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I HOPE YOURE HAVING AN AMAZING WEEK!=)

Today's Video:

Back In Black!!



Happy wednesday! How is everyone doing today? Side note, I missed my booty call this morning for the toneItUp #bikiniseries today BUT I’m planning on getting my workout in this afternoon=) I didn’t want to mess up my hair this morning because I’m going on a filming spree today! Thats legit right?! haha


I don’t really have much see to say today other than now is my OOTD! HAHA As usual I will have the pieces linked down below… and I will see you guys tomorrow with a new video AND a new blog post!!!=D I love you all and I’ll see you soon! PS- I read all my blog comments so if you want to leave a comment feel free to do so;) lol

Top Knot LYFE

YO YO YO everyone. Day 2 on my blog and I’m rolling out with a new look for me…. a top knot bun thing… haha I have never done this hairstyle before but Amanda and Shayna convinced me it was adorable and I’m so glad they did because I love how my hair turned out! A couple quick outfit thoughts:


A- I LOVE THIS NECKLACE! It feels bohemian and classic at the same time!

B- I’m now obsessed with my new Wildfox tank!

C- I also love my new Vans but I kinda feel like a space girl in them… anyone else? no? lol


Alright guys, side note- I feel like crap today… I woke up and started my period which is aways fun times.. not. LOL This reminded me though- I really wanna do a period video soon! I feel like period stuff is still seen as like awkward or gross to talk about, but its something half the population has to deal with monthly! I REALLY DISLIKE PERIODS. Anyways, if you want me to make a video about what I do to help my PMS (including a yoga move I discovered last night) let me know=)


I love you guys and I’ll see you tomorrow!



Bitchezz I'm Back!!

Guyssss!!! Today is an exciting day! Not only is today Monday---and side note for the first time in a long time I don't have a case of the Mondays (hallelujah!!!)... It may be because I'm doing the ToneItUp bikini series...? I'm pretty pumped about that... Ahh! I'm getting sidetracked! Let's back up! GUYS! Today is an exciting day because today is the first day that I am back to posting on my personal blog! WOO HOO!!! To be honest, my dreams and ideas are often bigger and more time consuming than I have hours in the day if that makes sense...? So I often start and stop projects! Haha Plus with all the changes life has been throwing at me (moving twice in the last few months, the relaunch of JLT, and the upcoming launch of TheGang...& that's just the tip of the iceberg! Ah) things sometimes get crazy and like I mentioned, I drop the ball! That being said my personal blog is back up and I'm pretty excited and feeling confident about it! I'm officially working with an amazing photographer who's also been a good friend of mine for a log time (and is my sisters sister in law!) she is not only so talented but also has the most beautiful story, family and way of if you've never checked out Amanda through my Instagram posts, you're missing out and you have to check her out! I'm going to be posting all kinds of stuff on here but it's mostly going to be outfits and then all of my favorite stuff! Alsoooo at the bottom of each post we're gunna link the outfit pieces so if you wanna check them out you can:) Also, shout out to my beautiful sister and fellow blogger Shayna for helping me make my room a mess while pulling outfits:) it was a good time;) so ya! A lot of exciting stuff is gunna roll out the next few months and I will definitely be sharing with you guys! I love you all (even though I haven't met most of you haha) and with out further ado... Here's my first new outfit on the blog!:)

My Fitness Routine

Hey everyone!First Point... quite a few  of you asked about my plastic surgery and said that you didn't understand how I could "preach self acceptance and love" yet have a surgery on my body to change my appearance.... I can understand the confusion and this is what I'm going to say. I don't regret getting the surgery but I wouldn't sit here and say that having it has made my life so much better or more fulfilling. It's its something I wanted...As far as my hip where I got the liposuction to even out my hips--- that has been pretty awesome to have changed. It didn't give me perfect hips, in the sense of it fully evening out the shape---but it made wearing clothing & clothing shopping so much easier because my legs are even now. as far as my boobs- unfortunately I don't have a deep philosophical answer for that either. Haha I wanted boobs so I bought them.

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My Eating Disorder

Well hello again everyone!

So for today's post I am going to talk about something that has been highly requested  but  I've never blatantly addressed or made a sole video or post about...

Now two things I have to address before I start---first off, I know this weeks topics have kinda been Debbie downer & they're not all going to be like that! Haha I'm really trying to build this series in a way that's not only a conversation between me and you but also in a way that I feel truly addresses the topic of happiness hollistically... And in my opinion, happiness holds the hand of sadness. 

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♥︎ A Little Deep, A Little Shallow. January Favorites 2015 ♥︎

Now today's post is kinda funny...cuz this weeks theme for HTBHJ is reflection. Today I want to literally talk about my in a mirror. I not only want to talk about what the relationship with my reflection has looked like & the journey I've been on but I also want to share some of my recent favorite products & stuff in general (especially since I haven't done a favorites in a while:) a little deep.... and a little shallow. Lol. Let's hop in!

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Dear 2014... YOU SUCKED.

My my my what a crazy year you have been. It's hard to even know where to begin because you were honestly a roller coaster year. But  Im not trying to be mean or anything because when I say roller coaster, I mean it in every sense of the word. Yes, you were a hard, difficult year filled with more tears than I care to shed but you were also a beautiful, life changing year full of lessons and some happy tears. 

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